How To Get Hired – A Recruiter Speaks (2 of 2)

Here are a few tips from top employment recruiter Lou Adler. See more of his insights from my last update or his website.

Reverse Engineer Your Resume For Each Position

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– Re-work your resume (or overall approach) for a specific position by using keywords included in the job posting
– As a recruiter, Adler prefers putting the focus on skills, asking a hiring manager “What does the person need to do in this position?”
– So, skills are needed for an individual to be found by recruiters, performance will be expected to prove it
– Adler points out a job seeker who showcases their skills and motivation is more attractive than a talented job candidate who doesn’t have motivation to do the work
– As a job seeker, if a recruiter reaches out, be sure to ask about challenges of the position and how success is measured, then reply appropriately
– Be honest and reasonable, not perfect; Adler estimates about 25% of those getting placed are actually “perfect” for the job

A First Impression May Not Be What You Think

Image courtesy of adamr /
image courtesy of adamr /

– Mumbling, a weak handshake, and other initial nervous gestures may not have long-lasting impact
– Adler points out people have 20 minutes to make a first impression, so unless you “bomb” for the entire 20 minutes after introduction, a positive impression can still be cast after an early flub
– A job seeker who is unusually quiet or has an “iffy” physical appearance may get harder questions during an interview

Securing A Job Is A Job
– Adler recommends 4-6 hours of preparation for each job interview
– Learn about the company and hiring manager prior to meeting, goal is to your know your audience

Answering Interview Questions – Say A Few Words
This approach should be used to construct targeted, concise answers to questions during an interview. Answers following SAFW structure should be a minute or two.

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Other Points Of Interest
– Networking should be an ongoing effort, networking while desperate is often viewed as such
– Adler reminds job seekers that recruiters have many positions to fill at any given time, so steer a conversation with a recruiter towards a focus on skills
– Don’t ask questions about pay and location as they not only end one’s consideration for one position, but others too

So, there you have it. A few thoughts from leading recruiter Lou Adler. Get more of his thoughts from my last update or his website. Got some tips of your own? Please add them below!

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