A Wasted Web

We’ve all seen it, websites for businesses, companies, organizations that serve no purpose.  Wait, let me rephrase that: we’ve all seen businesses, companies, and organizations launch websites that serve no real purpose.

I’m talking about websites that are static, outdated, and don’t serve visitors to the site.  They’re essentially a business card for all to see.  But, like business cards, lack detailed information about products, services, etc.

I understand small business owners could often be classified as a one-man-band or close to it.  They know their business, they don’t know the interwebs.  That’s ok, but please turn to those who can help.  There are ao many companies that can help get a small business online with an awesome looking site.  Many of these companies provide blogging services, graphic designers, and more.  And, they do it for cheap.  But, make no mistake, big companies can be guilty of this too.  An attractive storefront should always be goal of big and small companies, in-person and online.

Same for Facebook, don’t create a page just for the sake of creating a page.  Use the internet to entice customers, or prospective customers, to call you, visit you, and most importantly buy something from you.

There is nothing worse than stumbling upon a website that looks like it was created in 2003 and not updated since.  I have a theory that applies to all industries: “if we can’t sell ourselves, how do we expect others to depend on us to help sell them”?

*Tell your story, and do it creatively.

*Provide testimonials. Word of mouth can help when a visitor recognizes you’ve helped a friend of theirs.

*Update regularly. I’m not saying everyday, but as the seasons change, your website should too. Even if it’s minor tweaks to copy. The changes will be appreciated.

*Use graphics.  It helps your page standout.  I admit, I’m not great at graphics, but each post has at least one.  And I’m not selling a product here.

*Give me a reason to come back.  Return visits to the website provide new opportunities to sell someone.

My take: Business cards don’t provide a reason to come back, that’s why they get buried in wallets and desk trays.  Treat your website differently, don’t let it become a wasted opportunity.


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