Setting Expectations

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My first topic of discussion is expectations.  That discussion will post shortly after this introductory blog entry.

What frequency to expect from this blog: 2-3 posts a week about communications and marketing topics.  I’m hoping to add new posts on a Tuesday/Thursday interval, but some deviation from that plan may occur.

What topics to expect from this blog: Communications, marketing, management topics.  I may choose to comment on something that’s in the news.  Maybe I’ll present an issue I’ve encountered and what I did in that situation.  Trust me, I’ve got a list of topics ready to go, so I know I can deliver on 2 posts a week for the next several weeks.

What I expect from this blog: this is a creative project for me.  I want to share my professional ideas and views with anyone willing to hear them.  I hope to successfully build a following, just as I have with my previous radio shows.  I feel success in this case will occur if my posts resonate with others, who will then share my site with others.  I hope this site will help serve as a way of connecting with other professionals and to start a conversation.  Realistic expectations I hope!

I will welcome feedback on each post, as well as via email and social media sites.



That's my take, what's yours?

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